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We can help with

Any make / any model of car or van serviced and repaired in our fully equipped Derby service centre.

Car Service

From Dunlop to Pirelli we can supply any make and any size of tyre you need and fit them while you wait.

New Tyres

Front, Back or Full systems, when you need to replace your exhaust system we can supply and fit while you wait.


We ensure your car is safe for you and your family and legal to use on the road with our onsite MOT testing service.


If your car is struggling to start or you are noticing intermittent electrical issues, it may be your battery, book in for a FREE Battery Check today.


Why spend time and money trying to find that replacement part, we do all the hard work for you, if you need a part try us today.


In order to keep your car air conditioning system running efficiently it is recommended that you get the system recharged every two years.

Air Conditioning

Secure your pride and joy with an Alarm System or Tracker product supplied and fitted by the specialists.

Alarm Systems